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Mindfulness in The Therapeutic Context


Mindfulness and the Therapist

In a very short time period, mindfulness practices have become a source of much research and clinical application across a wide swath of psychological therapies, approaches, and interventions.

Increasingly, more and more therapists are reading about the benefits their clients may experiences if introduced to mindfulness practices as a complement to their psychotherapeutic work together.  And, not surprisingly, a growing number of therapists are exploring mindfulness practices for both personal and professional reasons.

At the same time, the field of neuroscience is illuminating and transforming the very foundation upon which the past hundred years of psychological theory and research has been grounded.  Peering into the brain in real time has opened a window into a terrain that most never thought would be possible and new and promising areas of research are opening, while well respected areas of research and clinical application are falling into serious question.  We are still in the early stages of the technologies fueling this movement and as the understandable excitement subsides, attenuating the associated hyperbole, we will get a clearer picture of where things stand.

As a result, there is growing body of research, books, articles, audio and video presentations and materials, and retreats and workshops aimed at educating therapists in the role mindfulness practices -- of all sorts -- in the therapeutic process.

The Mindful Therapist website offers therapists a resource to keep up with this information.  In it you will find The Mindful Therapist Book Service, The Mindful Therapist Website Service, and The Mindful Therapist Articles Service, and The Mindful Therapist Events Service.  It also offers a forum for the sharing and dissemination of new and evolving approaches to mindfulness in the therapeutic context. 

The Mindful Mirror -- The Mindful Therapist newsletter -- will begin to feature the writings of therapists across the country on the cutting edge of this important and fascinating work.

We hope you find this resource to be of assistance to you in the work you do. 


The Mindful Mirror

Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Context

The application of mindfulness practices in the therapeutic context is a vibrant and fascinating endeavor – perhaps even enlightening.  At the same time, it can be difficult to tease apart where a therapeutic method ends and a mindfulness practice begins . . .   Click here read more.